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Personal touch services focused on four areas

  • Pre-Sale Service: "Ready Your House"​

    • Enhance Value - Focus on key value drivers, such as customer diversification, identify and strengthen core competencies, long-term contracts, reduce expenses, etc.​

    • Prepare Financials and related KPIs - Balance sheets, P&L, Cash flow statements, KPIs, Proforma financials, etc.​

    • Compile Due Diligence data - Corporate and governance documents, contracts, human resources information, tax, insurance, etc.

  • Buyer Engagement Services: "Go to Market"

    • Engage with M&A banker to target buyers, assist in evaluating and negotiating with banker.​

    • Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM) Preparation - Assist in preparation of CIM and help prepare for potential Buyer's management meetings.

    • Buyer screening - Screen buyer's, perform due diligence to separate tire-kickers from serious buyers.

    • virtual Data Room Set-Up - Organize and/or consult an optimum Data room setup.

  • Deal Negotiation Services: "Getting It Done"

    • Indication and Interest / Letter of Intent - Review and negotiate Indication of Interest (IOI) and Letter of Intent (LOI), i.e., Exclusivity, Net Working Capital definition, Key deal terms, Earn-out conditions, etc.​

    • Purchase Agreement Negotiation - Conduct a deep dive into the Terms of the Sale & Deal structure: Cash vs Hold back, Claw Back conditions, Reps & Warranty clauses, Escrow and related conditions, Rollover Equity and related critical terms, Earnout conditions, Owner Role post sale, Board/Leadership positions, Employment Agreements, Non-Compete terms, Subordination clauses, Tax Gross Up, Funds flow, etc.

    • Collaboration - Engage with tax accountants, lawyers, bankers, and Buyers to facilitate all aspects of the deal progression.

  • Transition Services: "Clean Up & Smooth Sailing"

    • Post Sale Operational Close-out - Virtual Dataroom Closure, Internal Communications Plan, Press Releases, etc.​

    • Banking and Accounting - NewCo Accounting, EIN numbers, etc.

    • Legal Entity Updates: State & Federal, Business registration updates, Insurance Carriers, etc.

    • Notify/Consent: Vendors, Customers, Partners, Lenders, etc.

M&A Advisory Services: Services
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