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Management Consultant

Ganesh Gupta, Management Consultant brings over 40 years of experience to his work with Star Advisory Services. He has worked successfully with multiple technology start-up companies as co-founder, CFO, Vice President, and/or consultant, providing Financial, HR, and all administrative services. He holds an MBA from Rutgers University, MEng(Chemical), and BEng(Chemical).

Experience with Business Start-Ups:

  • Co-Founder of a Connecticut-based company which developed enterprise software for clients to develop large and complex e-commerce sites. Involved in the development of state of the art technology for Rapid Application Development using NeuArchitect. The company was later acquired by a Fortune 100 company.

  • CFO services to a company providing analytics to fast-moving consumer goods retailers and consumer goods supplier channel partners, to help analyze and optimize the consumer shopping experience. The company was later sold.

  • CFO services to a company providing technology and services to manage text messages to network carriers, large enterprises, and educational institutions. The company was later sold.

  • Financial advisory services to a company providing technology and services for high-deductible account administration to health plans and large self-insured corporations. The company was later sold.

  • Financial advisory services to a company providing health-care analytics software and services to pharmaceutical companies.

  • Financial advisory services to a health information exchange company, providing information services to payers, providers, and patients to improve outcomes and better manage costs by enabling the seamless and secure flow of clinical data between healthcare organizations. The company was later acquired.

  • CFO services to a company providing Market Intelligence Information to the Real Estate industry.

  • Financial services to an option trading exchange.

  • CFO services to a health services company using social media to promote wellness. 

  • Financial services to a medical device and services company.

  • CFO services to a company providing software to cosmetic industry manufacturers and retailers.

  • CFO services to a company providing services to customers for improving retirement benefits by providing returns over a longer period of time. 

  • Financial services to a company publishing an industry magazine and organizing conferences related to topics of interest to the industry.

  • Worked on social projects, such as acquisition due diligence, financial plan modeling, marketing analysis, etc.

Services Provided to Start-Up Companies: Provide all functions as CFO, VP -HR and Administration, and bookkeeping services. Prepare all financial reports for internal and external reporting to investors, work with accountants for taxes and audits. Work with all departments to develop budgets and monitor progress against approved budgets. Assist companies to prepare packaging for raising capital from VC companies, and work with attorneys of selling and buying companies. The services provided are to free the founders to develop and market their concept where they can be most effective, and not spend the time on administrative and financial functions. The services are cost effective and cohesive, as the start-up does not have to hire multiple persons to provide the various services. 

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